The Blood for Blood rewrite is moving along well –  about a third of the way through the existing 12 chapters (though I’ve apparently added about a chapter of new material so far –  I’m in Chapter Four of the original and Chapter Five of the rewrite.)  I’d like to imagine that I’ll finish the chapter tonight, but it’ll probably happen tomorrow.

But that’s not what I’m talking about today.

Went to Magic City Con before lunch today. It wasn’t DragonCon or ComicCon or WorldCon, but for a small, regional con, it was fun enough. No really big names (Virginia Hey who played the Warrior Woman in The Road Warrior and Zhann in Farscape, a guy who had a nice moment in one episode of The Walking Dead, others unfamiliar to me…), a decent dealer room, some cosplay (and no, I didn’t partake –  I know people who are very much into cosplay, but dressing up like a Star Wars of Game of Thrones character doesn’t appeal to me)

There were also four or five authors selling their books.

I didn’t really engage with them as they sat there smiling behind their tables, stacked with copies of their books, bookmarks, cards, and other stuff. The only thing that interested me was if they were selling enough books to pay for their table and hopefully their time.

But it did make me wonder if I could do something like that. There are at least a dozen regional cons in Alabama and Mississippi within a two hour drive from Birmingham (I know this because I checked out the web presence of one writer and saw that he’s hitting cons from Huntsville to Biloxi this year).

Let’s face it, I’m not exactly a wallflower. I can talk (or type) your ears off about what I’m working on. But I really do despise promotion. Sitting behind a table for two or three days, smiling at people dressed as Wonder Woman and Thor as they wander by doesn’t seem like something that I’d find personally fulfilling. I’d rather be writing.

Plus you have to invest in a lot of stuff that would have no possible use other than promoting your works at cons. Banners. Bookmarks. Copies of your books that you’d have to box up and take home if they didn’t sell.

I guess it’s something that I’ll have to keep in mind, though. Once Blood for Blood is finished, and I’m ready to start the next promotional push, I’ll give it some more thought.

Until then, as I said, I’d rather be writing.

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