Reefer Madness


It struck me in the last day or so, as I moved through the first quarter of the Blood for Blood rewrite, that there’s one aspect of society that I hadn’t really dealt with.

Drugs. Specifically illegal drugs.

I may have mentioned junkies once or twice in the first three books, but it was just in passing. So what’s the deal in No Name City? Are people getting high?

Yes. Yes they are. Well, at least the humans.

Opioids –  I figure that there are fewer opioid addicts in town than before the war. Remember, the entire human population of the city was put in internment camps for two years after the war ended. Cold turkey for them all. No matter what they were when they went in, none of them came out as active addicts. Recovering addicts, perhaps, but there were no drugs in the camps.


Because Vees have a dim view of anything that affects their food supply, i.e. human blood. They aren’t going to get sick, or poisoned, or even high from drinking an addict’s blood, but their body can’t use any foreign elements in the blood they consume. (And how they do that and the results are not something I’ll be going into in Blood for Blood, but will certainly be in Crimson Star. For now, let me just say that it’s generally a private matter, and it’s…distasteful, at best…)

So the Vee camp guards weren’t going to smuggle any in, and the human camp guards weren’t going to risk getting thrown in the camp themselves (or added to the menu). The humans all came out clean.

Whether they stayed clean after release or not was their choice. There would still be some around, but without imports of product or even raw materials, what opioids there are would be scarce at best. Maybe still some for pain relief as prescribed by doctors. Or maybe not. In any case, it would be scarce and expensive.

So there are some opioid users around, but not a lot.

Coke, Meth, and Designer Drugs –  Cocaine not so much. Methamphetamine, maybe a little more, since it can be cooked by anyone with the knowledge to do so. Designer drugs the same –  if you’ve got the knowledge and can get the raw materials, you can probably whip something up.

But again, the Vees are going to make sure that the full power of the law comes down on those who dabble in such things.

Cannabis –  Weed, hash, wax, oils, whatever. It’s relatively easy to grow. You can have a few plants in your house, or even your apartment. A little green thumb action and you’re in business. It may not be that dank bud you enjoyed pre-war, but it will probably do the job.

People are going to be smoking pot. It’s a given. And it’s possible that the Vees are not going to be as uptight about it as they are about other drugs. I mean, people still drink. People still smoke tobacco. It messes some with the purity of the Vee’s food supply, but you have to give the humans something to keep them from getting all tense and wanting to rise up against the vampires.

I don’t think it would be legalized (if you live in a legal state, enjoy it while you can…), but I don’t think you’d necessarily end up as an involuntary blood donor in a Vee prison if you were caught with a small amount. Trafficking, of course, would be something else again…

The reason this came to mind is that I decided to have one of the fairly major characters being introduced in Blood for Blood be a pot user. Not a pothead, per se. I really don’t want to write Cheech and Chong routines. But somebody who uses it, rather unashamedly. A little added character stuff never hurts.

Now excuse me, I need to go fire up a bong so I can do some more…research.

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