Food Town

Birmingham is a great food town. I mean, it’s not New Orleans or New York, but there’s whole lot of restaurants here, I know this because for the past four years, I’ve been going out to lunch on Sundays with my buddy Monk.

And though we don’t go to a new restaurant every Sunday, between Sundays and the occasional meal on another day or night (to check out those places not open for lunch on Sunday –  it is the Bible Belt, after all…), we’ve probably hit somewhere around 150 different restaurants.

Italian, American, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Peruvian…seafood, pizza, burgers…slop, glop, and some really good meals.

Generally we don’t go to chain restaurants (other than Ruby Tuesdays, which has a solid salad bar and large glasses of beer and Outback because sometimes you want a steak and are willing to put up with the faux Australian vibes). So about six weeks ago, I decided it was time to do a chain restaurant tour before we returned to local spots (including a new German restaurant and a new Chinese buffet with Mongolian BBQ).

So we’ve done Cheesecake Factory, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Carraba’s, Roadhouse, Chili’s. Missed a couple of Sunday’s while I was in Florida. Today it was Olive Garden. Still to come, PF Changs, Longhorn, and perhaps Applebees.

Because I also have a couple of beers with lunch on Sunday (pretty much the only time I drink is when I’m eating out…at home I prefer other vices…), after lunch is nap time. And it is a nap. I’m not actually passing out. The alcohol just eases me into a nap a little quicker. Really. Would I lie?

The reason I’m talking about all of this is because I’m not very productive on Sundays when it comes to writing. I got a couple of hundred words done this morning before the dog park, another few hundred after the dog park and before lunch, and about a thousand after I woke up from my nap and jump-started my brain with a large cup of coffee.

It was enough to finish up Chapter Two of the rewrite, and get about a third of the way into Chapter Three. Things are still moving along well and I should finish up the third chapter tomorrow.

Of course, I’m heading into a portion of the story where I have to be deft in my handling of how things play out. I’ve talked in the past about the fact that the story begins with an almost rom-com feel (not my genre) so I have to be careful not to be too broad in the comedic parts of the early stages.

Fortunately, the plot explodes in a couple more chapters, and I’ll be back on firm ground. So at least I have that to look forward to.

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