The Night and Day series is very No Name City-centric. Of course, that’s where Charlie Welles lives and works, so it stands to reason that it’s where the action is. (and for children of the Sixties, remember, “It’s so neat to meet your baby where the action is!” –  Paul Revere and the Raiders)

Of course, there’s talk about the “bigger picture” and Europe in Bleeding Sky and in Bandit’s Moon some hints at what happened in Atlanta during the war. But overall, No Name City is self-contained, and we don’t go anywhere else, or even talk about anywhere else.

Which is certainly okay. Chandler’s Philip Marlowe hung out in Los Angeles, as does Connelly’s Harry Bosch. Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone stays mostly in Santa Teresa, a fictional version of Santa Barbara. McDonald’s Travis McGee is in South Florida, while Parker’s Spenser is in Boston.

But none of those have, at their base, vampire domination of the entire United States. If MacDonald’s Lew Archer doesn’t mention Chicago, you can still assume that Chicago is about what it always was…not some vampire-infested hell.

There’s also the dividing of the country into Areas. You could look back for my map thereof, but I’ll toss it here just to save time…

Areas small

No Name City is in Area Three. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. (And by the way, there is a reason why the Area boundaries are drawn the way they are and why, for example, Virginia is in Area Three and not in Area Seven. Look at the map. There’s even a clue in Bleeding Sky.)

Phillip Bain is Deputy Area Governor of Area Three. Miss Takeda is the commander of the Security Force for Area Three. No Name City is not the center of their universe.

Yet it seems like it is.

This occurred to me last night as I waited to fall asleep. So as I move through Chapter Two of the Blood for Blood rewrite, I decided to rectify that, at least to some extent. When we encounter Miss Takeda, she makes a comment about how she’s just back from Atlanta after a couple of weeks of dealing with a situation. Not sure I’ll mention what that situation was, She is rather secretive. But at least I can show that she isn’t always waiting nearby to get involved in Charlie Welles’s cases. And with the time gaps between the events of each book, she’s probably out having all kinds of interesting vampiric adventures when Welles is doing boring private detective stuff that I don’t write about.

It’s a start. Welles may even leave the confines of No Name City in Poison Blood, the book after Crimson Star. But I do want to try to expand things at least some as I move forward.

And speaking of moving forward, the writing is going well. I’m into Chapter Two and things are falling together. I’d like to have more time to be writing, but a couple of hours here and there is better than not writing at all.

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