Don’t Be Afraid…

I’m not going to expose you to any more of the hellish information in the last post. I actually could have skipped the more detailed horrors by saying “had some health issues”. But then you might have wondered “what kind of health issues” “I thought you were dead and you came back…are you just going to die again?” And anyway, I find the whole thing pretty funny. In retrospect.

No, from here on, it’s back to talking about Blood for Blood, other Night and Day series projects, and other projects unconnected to the Night and Day universe.

So, let’s talk about Blood for Blood. Stopped about 30K words in, maybe a third of the way through.

I’m rewriting it.

Not as a new piece. The basic framework and story are solid, and the writing isn’t bad. But for two reasons.

First, I need to get back into the Charlie Welles voice. As I’ve mentioned here and there, Welles’s voice has some of my voice in it, but isn’t my voice. It’s a character voice, and it’s important that it remains consistent to his voice in the first three books. The best way I know to get into the voice is to write a fair amount in that voice.

Second, the couple of years break between those 30K words and today have given me plenty of time to think about the story and characters. I’ve re-read the whole thing three times. The story has become a lot more clear in my mind, what it is and what it should be. I want to make some changes, with the plot and with some of the characters. Rather than retrofit as I’ve done in the past when I realized late in a book that I had to go back and make changes, add things, remove things, I figure it’s best to just do it as a rewrite.

I thought I might get some of it done while I was on vacation in Florida two weeks ago, and actually pulled out the printouts and set them next to the laptop on the hotel desk. Then I went and did something else. What a surprise.

But I’m home now, and ready to start working on it, so that’s what I’ll do. Read through Chapter One, to get a solid feel for what happens in it. Then start rewriting it. Grabbing some dialogue, description and action verbatim. Rewriting the rest. And so on, through the eleven and a half chapters that have been written.

By then, the Welles voice should be solid, and I’ll have set things up for the middle part of the book and the final part, which is a lot clearer to me now than it was when I was first writing it. And so I’ll lumber on to the end. I’ll have a better idea of when that will be once I’m hip-deep in it.

After that, the short, Buffalo Falls. I’ve read through what I’ve got of that a couple of times as well. Probably rewrite time for that as well.

Then…well, I’m up in the air. On one hand, I’d like to jump into the next Night and Day book, Crimson Star, since I’ve been playing around with things from that in my mind as well. On the other hand, I really want to do a book about a character of mine who calls himself the Lincolnshire Poacher, a timeline hopping thief who saves worlds from some very bad people who want to destroy them. I did a series of radio plays about him, and have been giving a lot of thought to a new story to introduce the character (in prose form) that seems like it could be a ton o’ fun.

Right now, I’m leaning toward that rather than Crimson Star, but it changes from week to week. We’ll see.

And I still have lots of other stuff I want to do as well.

So that’s where we stand. I hope to get into the Blood for Blood rewrite within the week, and will start posting regularly once I’m into it and have something to actually talk about. Other than, well, you know, my urethra…

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