Ken news or Blood for Blood news? Which are people aching for? (and nausea is, indeed, an ache of sorts…)

Let’s do Ken news first. Ego demands it.

Last time, as you recall, we left Ken putting his computer back together after he fixed some bad sectors. And he did. But then he went away and spent about 6 months of intensive work on his machinima empire. New software, new features, new and improved everything. That got him toward the end of the year.

(enough of the third-person already…)

Then, a year after the radiation treatments ended, the side affect hit me. Total loss of bladder control. A true WTF moment that came on in the space of like two days. Monday, everything is fine. By Wednesday, my bladder was saying “I ain’t gonna carry your urine no more!”

So, more doctor stuff. Then my bladder started bleeding in about three places. Blood in the urine is unpleasant. Blood clots in the bladder are more than unpleasant. Two trips to the hospital, and on the second, the doc went in and cauterised the three spots. That took care of that. But not the larger issue.

More doctor visits. They decided that perhaps some time in a hyperbaric chamber would heal the mouth of my bladder and return me to normal.


(yes, I did have a little TV to watch and they did communicate with me using a phone handset. Nothing electrical in the tank or IT WOULD BLOW UP!)

So, for about two months, I went over to the hospital every day and spent two hours in the oxygen tube. It was, in every way, a disappointment. It didn’t actually heal anything AND breathing almost 100% oxygen did not make me feel as god-like as I’d hoped. I also didn’t enjoy the 20 minutes on either end trying to clear the popping in my ears…

Back to the doctor and they suggested…


The AMS 800! The thought of having something with a name in my body certainly has a certain cachet to it, but just as quickly they stopped talking about that and started talking about…


an ileal conduit….who needs that stupid old bladder anyway! Let’s just go straight from the kidneys right out through a tube in my abdomen (stoma) and into a bag secreted somewhere on my person. The doctor tells me this would be best for my “quality of life”.

What? Peeing into a frigging bag for the rest of my life is going to improve my “quality of life”? Then when I talked to the surgeon who handled the operation (I was being polite…I’d already decided this was a non-starter…), I asked what about my bladder. Wouldn’t it be lonely in there with nothing to do? He told me that they’d just go ahead and remove it.

I just stared at him.

And then I stopped going to that urology practice because clearly they were all insane.

(I’m not knocking the procedure….though it’s normally done when you have bladder cancer or something requiring the removal of the bladder…not as something to improve your “quality of life” in some bizarro universe. I will probably be getting the AMS 800 in the next month or so, but will be using different doctors. I want to have the same parts coming out as going in….)

Then more happened. Long term houseguest. With a dog. Dog park every day. Houseguest gets pregnant (no, not mine) and has a child. Dog and child every day.


But I did not stop THINKING about Blood for Blood. Or other projects still to come.

But as we hit 600 some-odd words, perhaps it’s time to end and talk about all that tomorrow….

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