Saddle up the Palomino…

….it’s time to ride!

Or in less grandiose and metaphorical terms, it’s finally time to get back to Blood for Blood.

Yes, I’ve been gone a thousand years.  Well, not gone, so much as not working on the Night and Day series. Though I have been thinking about it, and other projects, a lot…and for some of us, myself included, thinking is indeed work.

But I’ve finally reached that point where the itch to write has become overwhelming. And the only way to scratch it is to do it.

I’ll probably start sometime within the week, and next time, I’ll give you all the news you’re hungering for!

(actually, this post is just a trial balloon to make sure that everything in the blog backend is working –  posting to the TMU/TMOA forums, to Facebook, to Twitter –  I mean, there are literally one or two people who might actually be interested that things are on the move –  I may or may not be part of that one or two…)

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