Factual Continuity 2

A little over a year ago, as I was in the latter stages of Bandit’s Moon, I did a post about factual continuity in the Night and Day series.

At the time, it came up because of the renaming (in Bandit’s Moon) of the Tremont Avenue station. In Night and Day it had been called the Liberty Avenue station. Which I forgot until I’d talked about it being Tremont Avenue quite a bit in Bandit’s Moon, and thought to check what I’d called it earlier.

Minor problem, minor fix. I wanted it to be Tremont Avenue and so it magically became Tremont Avenue in Night and Day. One tiny change, problem solved, world-ending continuity error averted.

But Buffalo Falls, the short, is a whole ‘nother beast –  it’s all set in the “past”, and fills in a lot of the details about things I’ve mentioned in the first three books about the past. Those things…names, incidents, etc. are pretty much carved in stone, and I’m not going through those three books and making changes to match what I’m writing now. I must, instead, write to what is “canon” in the Night and Day universe.

Already, just into Chapter 1 (the prologue being finished), I can see that this might be a little tricky….

I’ve mentioned in the past that there’s no big secret Master Plan to the series. Some of the basics have always been givens, but details are often created on the fly, as I’m writing. Names, places, even incidents. For example, in Night and Day I needed to give a taste of what Welles’s attempted escape from the city was like, so I wrote:

Jamie O’Toole, a fast talking desk sergeant with the best collection of dirty jokes I’d ever heard, went down before we knew what was happening. A woman in a blood-stained pantsuit came out of an open doorway and threw herself on Jamie, shrieking. It took three of us to pry her off him and throw her back against the wall, where one of the guys put a couple of bullets into her chest.

Not a big deal. Really just a throwaway paragraph.

But now it’s canon. So in Buffalo Falls, I’ll need Jamie O’Toole in the first section, the fall of the city and the attempted escape. I’ll have to come up with a good dirty joke or three for him, because now I’m showing you what I’ve already told you. And the incident with the woman in the pantsuit will have to be fleshed out, probably in the third of the four chapters in the first section.

That’s just one example. I’ve got Evernote notes for the majority of it, chunks of text from the first three books to make sure I stay between the lines on the road to continuity. But it is throwing me off a little –  I can’t just “make something up”. I have to stick to the fictional facts.

I’m also having some computer issues with bad sectors on my operating system hard drive. I noticed it last week, and thought I’d fixed it. When I went to do my weekly backup yesterday afternoon, I found out I was wrong.

So I’ve been doing a little writing today while I attempt to fix the bad sectors. I have 3–4 tools that will do that, though with a 2 terabyte drive, it takes a while to scan every sector and attempt to recover the bad ones. My hope is that I can get them fixed so I can get at least a couple more months out of this hard drive. The last thing I want to do is have to buy another drive, especially since I just added a second 4 terabyte data drive to the computer a couple of weeks ago (I have a lot of stuff…leave me alone). So we’ll see.

The drive is usable –  occasionally it hangs when it tries to read data from the couple of bad sectors, but it doesn’t affect much. I can get through to the end of the month. And hopefully until summer, when I’ll consider replacing it with…well, another 4 terabyte drive. There’s only 20 bucks difference in price between 2 and 4 terabytes. so why not go big….

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