Thanks to a snow day and an ice day, the radiation treatments that should have ended last Friday will now end tomorrow. So instead of starting work on the Night and Day short today, I’m still planning instead of writing.

That’s a good thing. A very good thing.

Waiting for this self-imposed target date to start work has been extremely helpful. It’s given me the time to think about the short, and more importantly, reexamine it to some extent.

Everything I planned to put in there will be there –  four chapters in the last days before No Name City fell, the last four days in the internment camp. I’m not messing with that. It’s the heart of the short.

But I am adding to it, with a prologue and and epilogue. That prologue and epilogue will be parts of the unwritten Poison Blood, the prequel to the Night and Day series.

Here’s the problem. With all the stuff I have on my writing plate, the chance that I’ll ever actually get around to Poison Blood is slim. I’ve got at least 2–3 Night and Day books to go, and then there’s all the other projects I want to get to. Projects that don’t take place in the Night and Day universe. And if this short is to be a prequel of sorts to Night and Day, then why not go all the way and write some prequel to the prequel? What was happening before the vampire’s descended on No Name City and changed Charlie Welles’s life forever…

As I’ve mentioned in the past about Poison Blood, I did a fair amount of research for what was to be an “epic” story of the vampire takeover of the United States. Sprawling, jumping from place to place, with a central story. When I made the decision to “go small”, and focus on the aftermath in Night and Day and successive novels in the series, I always thought I’d get back to Poison Blood. But as the Night and Day books continued to spill out of my brain, that became less and less likely.

So, by adding a prologue and epilogue to the short, you’re going to meet some characters you know and some you’ve only heard about. Like Colonel Wright, the “father” of the vampire takeover. Chris Austin, before he was the vampire Governor General of the United States. General Phillip Bain, Colonel Joshua Thomas, Captain Tiffany Takeda, all as they were during the vampire takeover.

And you’re going to find out exactly what happened to allow vampires to sweep across the United States, how it happened. There are hints through out the first three Night and Day books, but the prologue and epilogue will spell it out and let you see how it could happen.

And as a bonus, it’s got me thinking of different titles based on the overall thrust of the short. Because Memories never really did it for me…

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