Yes, I have a working title for the heretofore untitled short. And it’s Memories.

To say I’m ecstatic about it would be a gross exaggeration. As mentioned in the past here, it’s the last four days before NoName City fell and Charlie Welles went into Internment Camp Delta 5 (January 8th) and the last four days of his time in the internment camp, ending 1014 days later on October 17th. And it’s told from his perspective, as always, so in effect it’s his “memories” of the events.

So Memories works, but it’s not great. But it gives me something to put on the title page when I start writing it (instead of Untitled Short), and with any luck, during the writing process something better will come to me.

I do have a first sentence for the short, though, and I like it.


I think that lights the fuse nicely.

I’ve also been giving some thought to the distribution timing of Memories. Like I’ve said, it will be available to subscribers of the blog for free, a download in multiple formats (Kindle, epub, pdf). I’m now thinking that they’ll see it first, and exclusively until Blood for Blood is finished and released –  which will probably be a couple of months, at least.

When Blood for Blood is ready for release, I plan to put out the first three Night and Day books and Memories as a collection, and at a price cheaper than buying them individually, at the same time. Both ebook and paperback. This will give me a lot of ways to go with the promotion.

For those who’ve bought the Night and Day books in paperback, I might put out Memories as a standalone paperback as well, and it looks like I can sell it for $6.99 or so, depending on how many pages it comes out to. Is that a bargain for roughly 40,000 words? I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder.

So that’s the plan at this point. Next week, I intend to start going through the series, one by one, looking for all the “facts” that I’ve already shared about those eight days. Because I don’t want to mess up the continuity.

And as a plus, Memories will be the kind of novella that you can read before you read the series, or after. There will be some overlap of events mentioned in the series, but not so much to become tedious when you read about it in the various books.

Now it’s time to get irradiated – two weeks from today, I finish up the radiation treatments and the following Monday, I get to writing….

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