Rising Creeks

Didn’t get any writing done yesterday thanks to a 4:30 am phone call from a friend telling me that he was being evacuated from his apartment complex due to flooding…



I miss that kind of excitement because I live in an apartment complex on the side of Red Mountain, and rain runs down to…well, where my friend lives…

So he came over here, and that killed most of the morning – after lunch, he headed out, and eventually I went to sleep and that killed most of the afternoon. And then I was busy with other stuff last night.

I hope this explanation was credible and satisfactory, and you will not hold my lack of productivity against me…

On the other hand, last night while doing other things, I did start to go through the chapter I’d written Sunday.


Not just “not as good as it could have been”. Not “needs a little work”. Awful. I don’t think a pair of pruning shears or even a machete is going to be enough to trim the awfulness. I may need a flamethrower.

What I wanted to accomplish in the chapter is there, but it’s meandering and dull (and if you find most of what I write meandering and dull, imagine how bad this must be…).

It’s not a total loss. I spent about half an hour last night slowly cutting my way through the crap. I’ll finish that today and move on.

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