Covering Blood for Blood

Decided to take at least some of the day off from writing to play around with Blood for Blood cover ideas.

Still need to find a 3D black van, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Perhaps something like this from the 3D Warehouse (not the version with the red spoiler, which is way too gaudy…)


It doesn’t have to move, of course, and it’s not even the focus of the cover, so it should work…

The scene where the cover is set returns us to the back-alleys of No-Name City. I still have some work to do on the lighting (red is a common motif in the series covers, but this almost seems too red – or too dark – or too something…like I said, it needs work… I also may dim the light of that street light so it’s not quite as bright), then add a couple of characters, place the van, probably use the headlights of the van to create some scary shadows…. I may also pull the camera back some to get more of the area, make it less claustrophobically tight, and give me some flexibility in framing it.


The final element is a poster that will be on the wall under the streetlight. It’s still a work in progress. This iteration is designed to mirror the fonts of things like the logo and the extended tagline at the bottom, but make the rest of it more casual – what advertising people refer to as “fun”, not so corporate looking. I’ve still got some playing with it to go before I’m happy…

Poster element

I won’t know for sure how it looks till I have it plastered on the wall in the scene and add the other elements. I won’t even know how much to the text is readable at “cover” size till I get to that point. But it might look okay. I’ll play with it more next week when I take a writing break…


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