A new year begins….

Happy 2004!

Well, another year begins, and it’s going to be a busy one for me. Rewrites on Night and Day, as well as writing Bleeding Sky and Bandit’s Moon, the tentative title for the third book in the series, plus the subsequent rewrites.

Call it 5-6 months of writing all told – I’m hoping that it won’t take 3 months per book (which is actually pretty quick), since I’ve done a fair amount of research – I’m sure things will continue to pop up that need some facts to back them up, but I’m hoping I can do Bleeding Sky in, say 2 months….

I’ve also been giving a little thought to the Poison Blood series, that is a prequel to Night and Day. I’ve got a ton of research done on that, and the more I work on the Night and Day series, the more it falls into place as a book instead of a collection of facts and ideas.

That’s gonna be a very-different bucket of worms – with the Night and Day series, I’m essentially writing a series of private investigator books – the world they take place in is unusual, but at their heart, they’re mysteries. It could be argued that I could set this in the future, under any repressive government – or in an alternate past, under Nazi occupation, for example.

To deflect that argument, I have to make sure that the setting is intrinsic to the story – that the story won’t work without the setting, that no other generic setting will do. That’s one of the things that I’m going to be paying special attention to in the rewriting process.

Poison Blood is definitely not a mystery series – it’s more horror, more adventure, without a whole lot of mystery. As I think I might have mentioned before, some of the characters from Night and Day will almost certainly make appearances in Poison Blood – not Charlie Welles, of course, but some of the tangental characters will be there, and you’ll see how the United States fell under vampire domination.

Right now, when I think “”writing””, I’m thinking 50% about Night and Day, maybe 30% about Bleeding Sky, 10% or so about Bandit’s Moon, and at least 10% about Poison Blood and the other books in that series. Of course, I really should be taking a break and not thinking about writing at all….

To that end, I continue watching movies and reading – one of Dennis Lehane’s Kenzie/Gennaro mysteries (with the rest, plus Mystic River coming from Amazon in the next week or so) is currently occupying my reading time – as for movies, I finished Wasabi last night, am almost done with the Le Femme Nikita Season 1 box (watching the last episode), and then I’ll probably finish off the Deep Space 9 Season 7 box, and the X-Files Season 8 box – if I can get that accomplished before I head back to work on Monday, I’ll be content….

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