Blood for Blood is Done!

Okay, that’s a dirty lie. Though I guess it could be done, if it was only one chapter and about 3500 words. I’m not sure fans of Night and Day would really be satisfied, though.

But I have finished the first chapter of Blood for Blood. I couldn’t help myself. Did about half of it yesterday, the other half today. Think of it as a festering boil that needed to be lanced. Okay, actually don’t think of it as that. Don’t think of anything I write as that.

Starting the new book is a symbolic cutting of the cord with the previous one. Bandit’s Moon is on its own, its fate in the hands of the people who buy it and read it. Like it or hate it, I can’t do anything more with it. So it’s time to move on.

This is the part I think I like the absolute best with a book. Typing Chapter One. Writing that first paragraph.

     I guess you’d call it a going-away party. A small one. Without the eating and drinking. That can be awkward in mixed company.

There’s a whole world of possibilities ahead. Some of them I know about already. In this case, quite a few. Though I don’t quite have an ending yet.

But watching the story unfold as my fingers slap the keyboard is almost exhilarating. I’ve been thinking about Blood for Blood since December 9th, when I jotted down the first note in the Blood for Blood Evernote notebook. At the time, I don’t think I even had a title for it, and the note was about a fairly minor piece of world setting. But even as I was in the first half dozen chapters of Bandit’s Moon, I was looking ahead.

Since then, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been gradually thinking about it more and more. In the past week and a half, since I finished Bandit’s Moon, I’ve thought of nothing but Blood for Blood.

And now those thoughts are coming together.

There have already been a few changes, a few things that didn’t play out the way I thought they would. The opening sequence, for example. In my mind, as I was running through it before I started writing it, I figured it would last most or all of the first chapter. Instead, it was over in about six pages.

Which meant that my hook, designed to pull you into the next chapter and kick the first part of the story into gear, was either going to come too early, or I was going to have to come up with something else. I came up with something else. A little stage business that gives the reader a little more about a minor, though regular series character. And I jumped into something else a little early, another sequence that was due to come somewhere in the middle of the second chapter, after the hook.

I think it will work out better this way. Get it out of the way, then into the hook without interruption. And then on to the rest of the book. The end-of-chapter-one hook is different than what I planned, but I think it’s just as good.

Will I start Chapter Two later today? It’s possible. Or maybe I’ll let this first chapter sit overnight, then go through it before I start the next one and get a feel for how the changes work.

Either way, Blood for Blood is underway. The game, as they say, is afoot.

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