Fun with Formatting

I spent the morning and early afternoon today making revisions to the Kindle versions of both Night and Day and Bleeding Sky in preparation for the release of Bandit’s Moon next week.

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, let’s see:

Night and Day – Put a little “Also by Ken White” thing in the beginning – so those coming into the series at the beginning (like, when the big Countdown Promo thing starts next week…) can see that there’s already a second book, that a third book will be out on March 5th, and that a fourth book will be out in June. Trimmed the long and boring Note at the beginning, where I went on and on about the genesis of the project, about Poison Blood, and blah blah blah. Who cares about that crap. You bought the book, you WANT TO READ THE BOOK, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! All that’s left is a request for an honest review, and links to this blog, and the Facebook/Twitter accounts for the series. Added covers and blurbs for Bleeding Sky and Bandit’s Moon in the back.

Bleeding Sky – “Also by Ken White” thing at the beginning. Request for reviews and links to blog, Facebook, Twitter in the beginning (there’s also one at the end that was there already…I left it). Cover and blurb for Bandit’s Moon and first chapter of Bandit’s Moon in the back. Have a taste. Then go buy the book.

I also fixed something that might or might not have shown up in the final version that Amazon was selling – Right about the time Welles reaches the Area Operations Center, for some reason a tag for a 12 pt font went into every paragraph – didn’t make any difference with some versions of the Kindle (according to the previewer), but the Kindle Fire HD took it to heart and suddenly the text became VERY BIG from there to the end. I tracked the problem down and fixed it. My guess (since nobody mentioned it in reviews, etc.) is that Amazon fixes that kind of thing when it does the conversion from my version of the .mobi file to theirs. Anyway, it’s fixed now at the source.

I haven’t messed with the paperback versions of the two books yet – that will be fairly simple, since I have the WordPerfect files there, and that’s a lot easier to work with than raw HTML in Notepad ++. I may do that tomorrow morning before I dive into the next run through Bandit’s Moon.

What else have I got for you today?

The Kindle Countdown Deal next week will be on only. Right now, you can do them there and on the UK Amazon…but…when I was setting up the US version, it told me that the UK price had to be 1.93 pounds to be eligible. I had the price in the UK tagged (as I do with all the international Amazons) to the US price. Which fluctuates as the relative value of the currencies fluctuate. It was 1.91 pounds. So I changed the price to 1.93. WHICH MADE IT INELIGIBLE FOR A KINDLE COUNTDOWN BECAUSE THE PRICE CAN’T HAVE CHANGED IN 30 DAYS BEFORE THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! Yes, it’s stupidity on an almost-unimaginable scale, but what can ya do? Sorry, UK folks, no Countdown for you.

Anything else?

One more thing that I’ll probably talk about more down the road. I was browsing the kboards(probably the largest Kindle community on the web), and somebody was talking about the luck she’d been having selling books at the Google Play store. Because there are fewer books, you get more visibility, and sales really push you up the charts there.

With the Night and Day series, I’ve stayed in the Kindle Select program. It gives me higher royalties at the usual $2.99 price for the books, and I get the ability to do freebies and the Kindle Countdown thing. I’ll probably stay in Kindle Select for the foreseeable future with the series, even though it limits me to selling exclusively on Amazon.

But what about the upcoming Last Rites book or series of novellas? Right now I’m pondering whether to not put that into Select (though I’ll still sell on Amazon, just at a lower royalty rate) and put it on Play, the Apple iBooks store, the Nook store, etc. etc. Just as an experiment. If it works, great – then I’ll consider doing the same with the Night and Day series and future books/series. If it doesn’t, I can always remove it from the other online stores and make it a Select title.

Just something I’m thinking about (and not actively at this point since I won’t even be starting it till June or so).

And now it’s time to take the rest of the day off, cause tomorrow it’s back to the rewrite/edit/polish grind with Bandit’s Moon.

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