Coming Attractions

Yes, yes, I’m aware that I’m only at the halfway point in Bandit’s Moon, so why am I thinking ahead? Am I not the guy who refuses to outline his books before writing? Am I not the guy who barrels into a project with only a few set-piece chapters and the hubris to believe that the tens of thousands of other words I’ll need for a book will just “come” to me? Am I not the guy whose characters are as big a mystery to me as to the reader until I pull back the curtain a little more and we both find out?

Guilty as charged.

Yet I’m planning out my writing from now till September-ish. Because….

Well, because I have a lot of projects in mind that I want to do. Some I’m hot on, some I’m warm on, and some are sitting in the refrigerator in microwave-safe bowls, ready to be heated up after I finish the hot and warm projects. Because I prefer my projects, like my food, warm. Unless it’s food that you eat cold, but that’s probably another subject.


Bandit’s Moon – As I said, I’m at about the halfway mark. I haven’t been writing at the feverish pace of Bleeding Sky, though not because I’m any less enthusiastic. Nor is it because I think Bleeding Sky was hurt by the feverish pace of the writing (some have said they like it better than Night and Day, though I’m sure there are others who’d say the opposite – such is literary criticism..). I’m taking a little more time with Bandit’s Moon because the fast pace of Bleeding Sky left me missing out on other things I like to do, and I need balance. I love the writing, I look forward to the writing. But there are other things I love and look forward to.

I expect to finish Bandit’s Moon sometime this month, probably no later than the end of the month. So it will have taken a couple of weeks longer to write than Bleeding Sky. I’ll do a first edit/rewrite/polish run-through in the first couple of weeks of February. Towards the end of February, I’ll do another and see how it looks at that point. Since I’ve already been through every chapter at least once already, that’ll make three run-throughs from first draft. At which point, it probably is what it is, short of gutting it and starting from scratch. By the first full read through in February, I’ll know if it works or not. And after three rewrites/polishes, I feel like I’d probably be changing things for the sake of changing things. I’ll do one sweep for any dangling typos or missing words, then release it. Probably sometime in March, though it could be as late as the beginning of April.


Blood for Blood – I’m pretty hot on this right now. Looking forward to diving into it. Like each book that preceded it, it has a different feel, a different kind of vibe from the others. Hopefully with all the same creamy goodness of first three books. I’ll start Blood for Blood sometime after I finish Bandit’s Moon. Probably before I finish the rewrite/polish and release. There’s no point in waiting, and it’ll give me something to work on and think about.

Depending on when I start it, I’d like to be finished and have it edited/polished and out sometime in June. That estimate subject, of course, to everything that will happen between now and then with Bandit’s Moon and the writing of Blood for Blood.



(interestingly, nobody ever noticed the T.J. Hooker in-joke…or at least mentioned it…)

Last Rites – A quick two-step outside the world of Night and Day. Just as a break. I mentioned last week that I’d done a four-part animated movie series called Last Rites about seven years ago. I still like the story, it was well received as a film series, and in theory I should be saying goodbye to it. But I’m not. For the past year, I’ve had the idea to novelize the story, and somewhere around June, as I finish Blood for Blood, I’m going to do just that.

When I wrote the original four scripts, I was constrained in my writing by the knowledge of what I could actually accomplish in the software I would be using to film the animation. Not only in what I could actually “show”, but also in the length and detail of the scripts. As it was, each part was 25–30 minutes long, which was the outside limit of what you could do with that software at that time. So a lot ended up on the mental cutting-room-floor as I wrote the four scripts.

There are other things I’d like to explore with those characters and that story. I could, of course, rewrite and refilm the scripts – the software I use now for animated films is capable of doing about anything I want. But it would take me a loooooong time, and it still wouldn’t be quite what I saw in my head.

So I think I’m going to give this a go after I finish Blood for Blood. Whether it will be one big novel, four shorter novels, four novellas…no idea at this point. I’ll have a better idea of that when I actually get into it.

And after that?

No idea. Or more accurately, too many ideas. I’ve got ideas for two more Night and Day books at this point (three if you count the Poison Blood tie-in that will come immediately before or immediately after I do Poison Blood – it could go either way.) And there’s Poison Blood itself, which may spawn the occasional sequel. Plus a couple of other things.

A very full plate and a very full refrigerator of microwave-safe bowls filled to the brim with stories. It’s going to be a very busy next few years…

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