As I mentioned yesterday, part of the story of Bandit’s Moon puts Charlie Welles back in the world of organized crime, which was in the backstory of Night and Day.

So there are references (mostly in passing) to some of the mob bosses that were mentioned in Night and Day. Arnie ‘The Razor’ Kaiser. Carlo Barozie. Frankie ‘The Wino’ Lavino. All dead at this point, but their ghosts live on, so to speak, the events of the past having an effect on the events of the now in Bandit Moon.

Which is part of the fun of writing a series – as the books go roll, with each one I add more backstory, more elements and people that I can pull out of the box when needed. Of course, there’s always the possibility that including previous elements of the Night and Day world will make things seem too similar, like something you’ve read before.

In this case, that hopefully isn’t a problem. Organized crime in the city was an element of Night and Day, but the book wasn’t about that and the only gangster who played any real role in the story was Eddie Gabriel. Bandit’s Moon has a bit more of the organized crime thing, but ‘No-Neck’ Al Werkle and his mob are allies, not enemies, this time around, and the part they play, while important, is not the heart of the story.

But it’s not just people that come back. An inanimate object that was an important part of one memorable scene in Night and Day returns as well in Bandit’s Moon. I speak of this:


Old Sparky! The throne-like electric chair in the interrogation room of the Uptown District police station. Of course, it wasn’t used for executions (which is not a form of punishment in the Night and Day world – if the condemned is a vampire, it’s easier to just nail them to a rooftop and wait for the sun to peek over the horizon. And if the condemned is human…well, why would you want to waste perfectly good food…think of the starving vampires in Albania!)

I always thought of the chair as a tool that was there to frighten whoever the detectives were interrogating. Get strapped into that bad boy, and you could imagine what might be coming next if you didn’t spill. And it was also there if they wanted to just strap somebody in and forcefully interrogate them. Keeps the ‘suspect’ from falling down and flopping on the floor.

Of course, by the time Bandit’s Moon begins, things are changing in the police department and an electric chair in an interrogation room probably isn’t suitable for the “new” Metro PD. So it had to go.

And how do cities get rid of stuff they don’t need? They auction it off. And you never know who’s going to make the winning bid, or what they’re going to use the item for when they win the auction.

‘Nuff said.

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