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Back in the saddle again…

So, like, yeah, here I am once more, and finally moving into the home stretch on Night and Day.

What a torturous road, huh.

Anyway, what’s happened since July ’09, when last I was here…

  • Got really busy at work…60 hour weeks busy.
  • My mom died, and I had stuff to take care of with that.
  • I pulled the plug at work and retired.
  • I moved.
  • Drama drama drama and more drama.
  • Did some dabbling in internet marketing until I realized I really didn’t like it, even if I could make a gazillion dollars.
  • Realized that what I wanted to do to make considerably fewer dollars was write.
  • Pulled out Night and Day and did the third draft.
  • Did final line edit on Night and Day.
  • Started the “read aloud” final phase of the book with Conchita, my shiftless housekeeper (yes, that’s an inside joke).
  • Found that Conchita did not want to be read to, but preferred to be the reader because, as she said, when listening she tends to start thinking about what she was hearing and misses what’s being read beyond that point.
  • Started work on the query letter for Night and Day with the able assistance of Pitchmeister Jase, who worked in the moving picture business and knows all about pitching effectively.
  • Started laying out the rough outline (general notes since I don’t like outlining) for Bleeding Sky.

So it’s been a busy year and a half (almost), but I’m now pretty focused on the writing and hope to stay there.  I’m retired.  What the hell else do I have to do?

As I start laying the groundwork to start writing Bleeding Sky, I’m still a little concerned about the “mystery” angle that I’ve spoken about here in a previous post (just look for Bleeding Sky tagged posts to find it) –  and since I do most of my note-taking in the early stages in my head, I’m not 100% sure of the solution to the problem that I alluded to in that previous post.

It will come to me.  Or I’ll just make up something else.